Monday, April 21, 2014

Spooky October

We took a trip back home to visit Nana & PawPaw and made a stop by Amy's house to visit and we snapped a few pictures.

Peyton and I took a trip to the pumpkin patch at the Methodist Church. They always have such a great set up for pictures and Peyton loved it. She got a pumpkin for herself and Daddy!

You stayed the weekend with Nana so we had a totally kid free weekend trip for our anniversary! You were in great hands and had to much fun. Youpained pumpkins and made Nana's Famous Halloween Cookies! I think you could have cared less that we were not there! 

Halloween 2013 - You went as a cheerleader. You wore my old costume from when I was little. You even wore her bow!! They had a Halloween Party at Mrs. Kristy's house and came home with some yummy goodies! 

Grammie came to the house to spend Halloween with us this year. We went to the Outlet Mall for her to get a birthday present and Peyton did a little pre-Trick or Treating there. It was so neat how they had it kid friendly. She had  a lot of fun. 

Then, after 50 cent corn dogs at Sonic, we went home to meet up with Dad and the neighbors for our annual Halloween Trick Or Treat walk. All the kids were so cute and had so much fun. You were fearless....even with the Haunted House you were having fun! 

It was nice to get home and rest! Peyton and I passed out while Grammie gave Dad a massage!